What are the benefits of Hatha Yoga?

 Physical Benefits

– improved flexibility of muscles and joints
– improved muscular strength
– improving overall tone and suppleness of your body
– becoming much more aware of the way your body works and moves
– learning to recognise where tension and tightness is in your own body and understanding the exercise which release or reduce that tension or pain.
– improved sense of balance and co-ordination
– improved posture, regaining natural poise and feeling of youthfulness
– learning how to breathe more deeply and release restrictions around the chest
– toning, activating, massaging and strengthening of all the body’s systems including digestive system, glands such as the pituitary and thyroid and the immune system

Emotional benefits

– learning different relaxation techniques and experiencing deep relaxation
– improved concentration
– learning to let go of negative emotions or thoughts
– improving self worth and confidence
– an ability to get in touch with inner peace
– staying calm under pressure
– mind becomes more sensitive and alert

Jenny Stephenson holds Hatha Yoga classes in Ballina and Lennox Head