What is Hatha Yoga

A Hatha Yoga class is made up of stretching exercises, or asanas as they are called in yoga, breathing techniques and deep relaxation.

Hatha Yoga is not a huffing and puffing ordeal. It’s a slow thoughtful system of stretching and balancing. There is a pose which affects every muscle, organ and gland in the body, and is working subtly on all levels of your being – mentally and emotionally as well…Yoga is a very natural form of self care.


Stretching the body in different ways, each person will stretch to their comfortable maximum in each asana, hold the position breathing steadily and then release when they are ready. The asanas work systematically on all parts of your body – strengthening and toning muscles and ligaments, keeping spine and joints flexible and improving circulation.

Deep Breathing:

Yoga teaches you to breathe fully and rhythmically, making use of all, not just part of your lungs, to increase intake of oxygen. Some breathing techniques are energising and stimulating, some are cleansing whilst others are relaxing & calming.

Deep Relaxation:

Releases tension in the muscles and rests your body and mind, leaving you calm but energised. You’ll feel the effects for many hours afterwards and learn to let go of any negative thoughts or emotions.

Jenny Stephenson holds Hatha Yoga classes in Ballina and Lennox Head